hile we often serve as bartenders pouring drinks for guests, we would like to make the experience even easier by bringing the bar and everything in it.

Accommodating a large group with all of their distinct tastes can be difficult, our basic dry bar package allows us to take some of the guess work out of the mixers. We will create an order for you through Bevmo and arrange for delivery of the liquor. We will also bring what we have found are the most common mixers that are requested.

If we are bringing all of the mixers for you let us take it one step further by helping concoct the perfect specialty cocktails for your special day. All of our prep is done in advance to leave only high quality cocktails without the wait time of preparing them one at a time.

We have the advantage of being able to acquire ingredients from all over the world but use old world techniques to render unique and distinctive flavors for our cocktails. That creates more flavorful drinks without preservatives and only natural ingredients.


Bar  service

Fresh Juiced Classics


        resh juices can turn your standard liquors into refreshing cocktails without the use of flavored liqueur. Many of the simplest include citrus juice and simple syrup. With those ingredients we can craft some classic cocktails, and some more inventive ones.

Whiskey Sour
Bourbon Rickey
Old Fashioned

Lemon Drop
Vodka Gimlet

Bees Knees
Tom Collins
Gin Rickey

Rum Sour



            uch like your caterer will provide your chewable pleasures throughout the entire night JM can provide the drinkable ones. Greet your guests with a welcome cocktail or infused water station to enjoy mingling, awaiting the ceremony to begin. Following the exchange of vows guests often seek a cool drink to sooth their parched throats after cheering the happy couple. Greet your guests with a champagne tower or perhaps a specialty cocktail to excite the senses with fresh fruit juices to balance your favorite liquor. As the sun begins to lower in the sky and guests are seated for their meals a team of waiters fill water glasses and offer wine to each guest. Champagne makes its way through the tables as your bridal party prepares for their speeches. As the meal concludes and dessert has been served the bar will remain open to give those who need it liquid courage. Those who are not lacking the courage may enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea to settle their meal and enjoy with family and friends. As the festivities wind down the bar will close and all evidence will disappear leaving only the memory of a sweet cocktail, a bubbly glass of wine, or a warm cup of coffee.


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