Did planning the holiday party seem like a good idea at the time? Did you forget to consider that you'd be the first one to arrive and the last leave missing most of the fun in the middle. Check off the party tasks on your to-do list; food, beverage, music, decor, venue and anything else you might need.

Corporate Planning


We will take your budget, guest count and dreams and create an experience to remember without the hassle. 

Full Planning and Production Service


Let us get the ball rolling with our trusted vendors and locations guaranteed to impress. We will make sure no part of the planning process is missed and you can take it from there.

Planning Consultation


We've been to some places and have heard of many more. let us help you find the perfect location for your budget and guest count.

Venue Scouting


We have specialized in estate weddings for many years and have worked to transform blank slates into event spaces. Lets work to turn your space into the perfect backdrop for your special event.

Party at the Office 

How hands on would you like to be?