available now for INTIMATE gatherings and micro weddings 

A unique hospitality production team specializing in creating cohesive caterings and staffing with food trucks, drop off catering and bartenders for weddings, corporate events, festivals and private parties. Taking logistics and making the seemingly impossible possible.

       hen planning any event, there are two essential questions that you must ask yourself before you can make any arrangements. The first is how many guests you will be having, and the second, what your budget will be, this will help you decide how best to create the experience for your guests. The time of day and the length of the event will affect lighting, music and, most importantly food and drinks. Selecting food and drink options will help us provide you with the right team to make your day run smoothly. Whether you are having an appetizer heavy cocktail party or a plated dinner with wine pairing the JM team will work to create an unforgettable experience.